Monday to Friday (excluding if there’s matinee at theatre)

INSALATA DI POLLO – Cajun spiced grilled chicken fillet with mixed salad, new potatoes, green beans, spring onions & dressing

INSALATA DI CAPRINO – A salad made with thyme vinaigrette marinated beetroots, mixed lettuce and baked goats cheese

INSALATA DI TONNO – Tuna salad, tomato, cucumber, new potatoes, Spring onion, lettuce and with mayonnaise dressing

FRITTATA VERDE – oven baked spinach & mushroom omelette served with fries and garnish

FRITTATA CON PANCETTA- Oven baked bacon and onion omelette served with fries and garnish

FRITTATA DI CAPRINO- Oven baked spring onion and goats cheese omelette served with fries and garnish.

PIZZA PEPPERONI – Made from homemade Dough & tomato sauce, pepperoni, 100%mozzarella.

PIZZA VEGETARIANO – homemade Dough topped with Red onion, mushroom, peppers and black

olives ,tomato sauce and 100%mozzarella.

PIZZA HAWAIIAN – homemade Dough topped with tomato sauce ,Pineapple, ham & 100% mozzarella.

SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE -100% British prime minced beef Ragu.

PENNE POMODORO – Penne pasta cooked in homemade tomato & basil sauce .

FUSILLI GIARDINIERA – fusilli served in sauce of mixed Garden veg.,pesto &tomato sauce . 

RISOTTO VERDE – garlic, onion, spinach, courgettes, asparagus, white wine,cream& green pesto.

RISOTTO POLLO – Garlic, onion, cherry tomatoes, white wine, parsley, chicken fillet, garden peas.

POLLO AL DRAGONCELLO – chicken fillet in creamy tarragon with sauce, with veg.& potatoes.

MERLUZZO- Cod fillet cooked in white wine cream and parsley sauce served with veg.& patatoes

MAIALE AL MELA- pork fillet in apple and rosemary sauce, served with veg. & sauté potatoes.


Boiled rice – £2.95.French fries – £2.95.

Rocket, cherry tomatoes and parmesan shavings – £3.50

Mixed salad – £3.50.Red onion and tomato salad £2.95